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scheiermann eventgestaltung gmbh
Icktenerstraße 87
45219 Essen

Phone: + 49 2054 125580
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Office: im Kreisverkehr zwischen Halle 9 und 4 / roundabout between Hall 9 and 4
Phone: +49 2054 125580
Fax: +49 2054 125580

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Phone: +49 2054 125580


We, the scheiermann eventgestaltung gmbh, are available for you in rental plant, floristics and floral design in the third generation.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities in  floral stand design. In addition to our various rental plants up to a height of five meters, state-of-the-art vessels are available for you.

Rental plants or flowers, with our fair-experienced staff, we are always would be glad to help you. For every section a professional person - a gardener or a florist, our good service will be no coincidence.

During the last days before the exhibition starts, we can also provide you a wide range of different plants at the exhibitionground. Should you need help in a short term, you will find us at the last two constructuin days on the roundabout between Hall 9 and 4.

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scheiermann eventgestaltung gmbh
managing director : Hendrik Scheiermann

45219 Essen
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