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concepTV Medienservice und -produktion


concepTV Medienservice und -produktion
In der Furt 9a
41372 Niederkrüchten

Phone: +49 2163 843886

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Phone: +49 2163 843886


Since 1996, concepTV Medienservice und -produktion stands for innovative film ideas, creative competence and editorial know-how. Whether TV, movie, video or social media - the experienced crew around Christian Schreder and Malte Bastian serves all genres and will be there for every customer request relating moving images. Professional film and video equipment - from Full HD up to 4K and now even 6K - also guarantees a breathtaking visual experience.

Jurisdiction: Amtsgericht Viersen
USt-IdNr.: DE228785486

ConcepTV Medienservice und Produktion
Christian Schreder (Entrepreneur)
In der Furt 9a
41372 Niederkrüchten
Tel.: +49 2163 843886
Cellphone: +49 1525 3970678
Fax: +49 2163 843885

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